Sparkling Start


We have had a brilliant start back to School and we are very excited about our new theme. This half term our Year 1 theme is ‘Superheroes’.  

For our Sparkling Start we were challenged with creating our own Superhero. First, we had to talk to our Learning Partners about what makes a good Superhero. We said they were really brave and strong. Also, Superheroes use all of our School Values, especially endurance. 


Next, we had to design our very own Superhero capes and give our Superheroes a Super name. We became very excited when we got to actually make the capes we designed. Year 1 had to follow their designs very carefully to make the Superhero capes for their character. We then got to attach the cape to our Superhero. It was great fun! 

After that, we started to read a book called ‘Traction Man is here’ by the author Mini Grey. We really enjoyed reading this book because it looks a little bit like a comic and Traction Man goes on some funny adventures. We will now start to base our new learning in Year 1 around the character of Traction Man and create some new adventures for his to go on.