Yr 2 Sparkling Start

For our first Sparkling Start of the new school year, Y2 children from Lisle Marsden Primary were transformed into children from Halicaster Primary. 

Each sporting their newly made Halicaster badges in place of their Lisle Marsden doves, they set off for the annual awards ceremony at Halicaster Town Hall. There they met the Lord Mayor of Halicaster who presented a number of prestigious awards. 

The Halicaster Musician of the Year award went to Mrs Kitchen who proved her worth with an impressive piano recital of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’. The Sporting Service to the Community award went to Mrs Leese. Her demonstration of her specialist sport, hoola-hooping, was certainly an inspiration to us all. 

Young Footballer of the Year, Young Tennis Player of the Year and Young Artist of the Year awards were also presented. The event culminated with the most important award of the afternoon, that of Outstanding Contribution to Business. 

This year it was won jointly by Mrs Hardy, owner of the Hardy Factory in Halicaster, and Mrs Softy, owner of the Softy Factory. Unfortunately, both ladies insisted that they were the right winner and the other was the wrong winner. 

After a very unseemly altercation, both left the award ceremony in disgrace. Can the children of Halicaster Primary restore harmony?