Spring Term
Sparkling Start


For our 'Sparkling Start', we participated in drama. Mrs Leese pretended to be Dave from the book Dogger which we are studying as part of our topic Lost! It was really funny to watch Mrs. Leese stomp around and pretend to be a 4 year old! 


We learnt about the main character Dave, who he lived with, and all about his favourite toy called Dogger. We then learnt that Dave had lost Dogger which was very sad, so we came up with some suggestions to that Dave knew how to find Dogger. We had a fantastic afternoon.



As an introduction to this term’s RE topic of Salvation, 2L went on a lovely springtime walk. We tried to see if we could spot any early signs of spring, and we were surprised to see quite a lot! Daffodils, Crocuses, buds on trees, and unfortunately a bit of springtime rain.



We think about springtime as a symbol of new life and new beginnings, just like the crucifixion of Jesus was a new beginning for humanity.