Class 3J Visit Lincoln Castle

We took all of the year 3 and 4 children on an educational visit to Lincoln Castle where we took part in their Castle WOW Day.

The children took part in a medieval banquet, made Norman shields, looked at Norman armour, took part in a jousting contest and fired arrows at the ‘castle’ walls. To finish the day, we were given a very informative and interesting tour along the castle walls, where we explored the keep, the towers and the oubliette.

We learned that the oubliette used to be used to put people who had been naughty – once a lady and her son were put in there to die, but her son had died first and she had tried to eat him to stay alive!! Gruesome history indeed!


We had a fantastic day, the weather held for our wall walk, and the children as always were a credit to the school.