The Roman Army
come to Class 3J


As part of our work on the Romans we were visited by Caius and Gaius from the Roman Army. They brought with them many stories and artefacts from their time as Roman Legionnaires and the pupils got the chance to learn all about what life was like in the Roman Army.


Caius told us what life was like for Roman soldiers, the money they earnt and the generous pension they got when they eventually retired (if they lived that long)! The children particularly enjoyed hearing about the communal toilets and the implements with which they cleaned themselves! Bella was dressed as a captured Briton and we found out what would happen to the ancient Britons once they were captured. According to Caius British women did not make the best slaves as they were too strong-willed and would often try to kill their masters.

In the afternoon Gaius taught us how to defend ourselves as part of the Roman legions and we had a battle in the hall, using techniques which the Romans would have used. We learnt how the Romans managed to create such a huge empire through their superior fighting and organisational skills.

We had a fantastic day and learnt a huge amount. However, the majority of the children decided that they wouldn’t want to sign up for the Roman Army and were quite happy to continue being pupils at Lisle Marsden!