Summer Term in Class 4M

Flat Stanley's
Mystery Vacation

This term our topic is 'Passport to the World'.

During the Easter holidays we sent Flat Stanley to a mystery location. On the first day back, we used the clues he had sent us to discover our focus country which was India. Flat Stanley had an amazing trip sightseeing and participating in Bollywood dancing!

Flat Stanley's
UK Travels

The children also took Flat Stanley on lots of adventures and so far he has visited twenty three different locations in the UK in just two weeks!

Rangoli Patterns


For our 'Sparkling Start', we created Rangoli patterns just like the ones Flat Stanley found on his travels.



 In literacy, we will be writing our own Flat Stanley adventures in India stories.



In P.E we will be working with John, who is a cricket coach, to polish our skills.



In maths, we will be exploring fractions and tackling the platinum award in our times tables challenge.