Summer Term 2

Norman Boat Building Competition


This term our topic is 'Battle of Hastings-1066'.

For our sparkling start, we had a Norman boat building competition; we had lots of fun seeing if they would float. 

We have been exploring the events that led up to the Battle of Hastings. We are fascinated with the contenders for the English throne and the children are excited to find out more! 

Decimal Numbers


In mathematics, we are exploring decimal numbers using the equipment. This term we will be looking at Money, Geometry, Mass, Length, Area and volume.




In Science, our new unit is 'Forces'. We had fun setting up an experiment to compare how toy cars moved on different surfaces. 




In literacy, we will be exploring the people and events at the 'Battle of Hastings' through script writing.



In PE, we are preparing for our sports day through our athletic unit.



In computing, we are very excited about our coding unit. We are learning to code our very own times table.