Augmented Reality

To showcase 5B’s love of reading, we have created an Augmented Reality display in our corridor! The children had been talking about their favourite books, so we used these conversations and encouraged children to write down some of their opinions in the form of simple book reviews. The children felt that whilst these were good, they weren’t the most fun things to read. So, we then took it one step further by creating video reviews either starring the children themselves or using an app named ‘Telligami’ which allows them to speak through an avatar.

We then took it even further by using another app, ‘Aurasma’ which helped us incorporate Augmented Reality on our display board! Augmented Reality is where the iPad or handheld device alters what your eyes can see and, seemingly, brings the 2-d display board to life! Just holding the device in front of the board allows the children to view their videos and watch the static images jump into life! The children feel that this is the best way to share our love of reading and our opinions about books. The children have spent a lot of time looking at each other’s reviews and have taken on board their friends opinions about books and reading.