Sparkling Start

In 5B we have been working as inventors! We spent our ‘Sparkling Start’ thinking of problems that our inventions could solve. We then set to work ‘junk modelling’ our inventions out of recycling, boxes and anything else we could get our hands on! Our inventions solve a wide range of problems, from being able to diagnose symptomless illnesses to being able to crack open an egg! The children worked hard to create these inventions and have become true experts at talking about them and how they work. We put this expertise to use by writing an informative report about their inventions. These reports drew on all the spelling, punctuation and grammar work we’ve been covering in year 5 since Christmas.

We have taken our invention knowledge even further by learning about the origins and inventors behind some of the greatest inventions throughout history. Together as a class we made a huge list of inventions and then set about finding: Who invented it? When it was invented? Where was it invented? Did the invention always look like it does now? Some of the children were surprised at either how old or how recent some of technologies they use on a daily basis were! The children then created short fact files about the invention before sticking them onto a world map to show where they originated from. 5B were incredibly impressed and proud at the amount of incredible inventions and progressions that have been made right here in Britain!