Armley Mills


On Tuesday 24th January all children came to school dressed and named as Victorian children, they were ready for a morning at school and an afternoon at the mill.

All children took on their roles with great maturity, lining up for school with their pennies ready to pay.  However, George Glover (Shay) did not have a penny to pay and was in trouble for his bedraggled appearance.  Shortly after, Annie Ambler (Lilly) arrived late and was told, ‘A punctual child is a favoured child’.  Luckily both George and Annie escaped the cane on this occasion.


Throughout the school session the children did Maths, Writing, Drill and Object lessons.  At one point they sang the National Anthem to the picture of Queen Victoria which was hung on the wall. Many fine scholars were identified while working, whilst others were told that they had ‘cloth ears’ or gossiped like a ‘fishwife’.

It was a great day at Armley Mills due to the exceptional behaviour and participation of the children.  Well done 6D!