Sparkling Start
New Era-Old v New

During the Sparkling Start for our new topic the children all became inventors for the day.  Throughout the day they identified a range of problems which they could solve to make everyday life a little easier.

 All children worked hard throughout the day to make a range of interesting inventions. Some worked collaboratively in pairs whilst others worked on their own to create solutions to their own problems.

 Inventions created include The Book Saver, Elite Feet Glamour Shoes, Skittle Bot 3000, Tagg (electronic pet collar), Mello Wireless Speaker, Multi-Shoes 4000, The Brain Bot Backpack 3000, the P.P.Pet, the robotic Bedroom cleaner and many others.

 After inventing the children used their persuasive skills to create eye-catching adverts for their new inventions.  They are currently busy writing high quality reports about their inventions.