Pumpkin Soup

After reading the story: Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper, the children in Year 2 had a go at making their own Pumpkin Soup.

Before we could begin preparing our soup, each class had to harvest their own pumpkin from the school allotment. Mrs Brown talked to the children about how the Pumpkins were planted in the Spring and how they needed a lot of space to grow. The children observed that some of the Pumpkins were green and others more orange. The children were fascinated at how far the plant from the pumpkin travelled across the ground. The children really enjoyed picking their own Pumpkin and once it was off the ground it was passed around so that the whole class could feel it for themselves.


Each class were then provided with a recipe booklet and the children had to apply their previously learnt skills on Instruction Writing in Autumn Term 1 to know where to find the information they needed in order to follow the recipe correctly.  The children were able to locate all of the ingredients and equipment from the ‘You Will Need’ list and they then followed the bossy verbs in the method. The children were exceptionally good at peeling and chopping and showed great perseverance especially when peeling and chopping up the onions when their eyes were watering.

We discussed how our soup would taste different to the one in the story as we added more variety of vegetables (leeks, carrots, potatoes and onion) and some stock and herbs (cumin and coriander) for extra flavour. Unlike the characters in the story, we all worked very well together and everyone showed excellent turn taking.

At the end of the day, all of the children from all three classes met together in the hall to try the soup that they had made together with a freshly baked crusty bread roll. Not everyone liked the soup but everyone tried it and many were asking for more!

When the classes weren’t participating in the harvesting and cooking activities, they created pumpkin art work in the style of Romero Britto.  

Thank you Year 2 for such a ‘Sparkling’ day.  Don’t forget that you can have a go at home at making the soup using the recipe booklet you have been given. If you cannot buy any pumpkins in the shops, you can use butternut squash instead.