Year 3 pupils have begun to think about instructional writing as part of their English lessons. The staff wanted to help immerse the pupils in this genre and include the topic work of Ancient Egypt, and decided that the best way would be to transport them back in time to witness the process of Ancient Egyptian mummification.


The pupils saw how, after checking the Pharaoh was dead, the process worked and were amazed to see exactly how the Egyptian mummified their dead thousands of years ago.

They watched as the body was washed, the organs removed and placed in Canopic jars, the brain pulled out through the nostrils, before the body was dried out and wrapped in linen cloths.

The children all watched in awe and were very respectful of the dead!


The children will be using the photographs to help them order the process of mummification before using their knowledge of imperative verbs and connectives to write their own instructions about mummification.