Sparkling Start

Mysteries of Narnia

For our new topic The Mysteries of Narnia we asked all children to come dressed as world war 2 evacuees, as at the start of the book the Pevensey children are evacuated from London to the kind professor's house. We took all the children into the hall for registration and gave them a name tag. We played the declaration of war where Neville chamberlain announced that Britain was at war. We then separated the children and took mixed groups to work in our rooms. We thought about how the evacuee children would have felt and write postcards home, telling our parents what we had been up to and not to worry! 

Back in our own rooms in the afternoon, we watched the clip of Lucy finds Narnia through the wardrobe. We then looked more closely at the world of Narnia and created 3d maps of this exciting new country. 

We are looking forward to exploring the world of Narnia over the coming weeks.

Miss Wilson and Mrs Brown