Anti-Bullying Week

During Anti-Bullying week we watched a theatre company perform a play about bullying. The play made us think about the different types of bullying and how much it can hurt someone.

After we had watched the play we had a workshop and discussed what we had seen and how it had made us feel. This made us think about the times we may have said unkind things and how we could have acted differently.

We thought about bullying throughout the week on Tuesday we had an afternoon of playground games with Miss Lingard. We thought about how we could play nicely at break and lunch time, we were introduced to lots of different games we could play and played with lots of different people.


To end our week of anti-bullying in 4B we made friendship bracelets to help us to think about how we should be a good friend.

We hope after this week we will see children thinking about how they treat others at school and how they can show the school value of friendship.