Easter Show at Grimsby Minster

This half-term the Year 4 children have been working extremely hard to put on their Easter show at Grimsby Minster, a Lisle tradition! 

The children have been practising since the beginning of the half-term when they auditioned for their parts and got to rehearsing their lines and songs straight away! Midway through rehearsing, we were lucky enough to work with Spring Dance Company, who brought out the performers in the children by choreographing some beautiful, challenging dances for each of the classes! 

After weeks of work, the children were finally practising at the Minster in front of Key Stage 2 and performing to their families and friends at the evening shows! Each of the children pushed themselves to do their very best, the atmosphere in the Minster was incredible and there were big smiles on everybody’s faces. What a spectacular show, we are all very proud! Well done Year 4!