Fabulous Finish
Eating Well and Keeping Fit


We had a fabulous finish to our topic with an Eat Well day focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. We started the day with a workshop introducing the children to different food groups and discussing a healthy diet. The children got involved with placing different foods in the correct categories on the eat well plate and they shared what they ate in a normal day.

We then designed a healthy sandwich, thinking about including foods from each food group. The children chose ingredients for their sandwich that they had not tried before. Following this activity, the children were then given the opportunity to make their healthy sandwich. They had great fun slicing and dicing their ingredients and trying new foods. At the end of the session, the children had two tasters to try their sandwich and evaluate it. 
In the afternoon, we took a closer look at teeth. The children designed posters for other children giving tips on how to take care of their teeth. We finished the day outside completing circuits in a Mini Olympics. The children gave themselves a goal for each activity and then counted their reps. Everyone was impressed with how much they could do in two minutes of activity time!