Learning as Scientists

On a lovely sunny afternoon, 5D were presented with a bucketful of VERY dirty water.  After discussing the importance of clean water and the dangerous impact of drinking dirty water the children were challenged with cleaning the water to the best of their ability.  After a few disgusted groans everyone was hard at work, aiming to get their water the clearest. 


A hive of activity saw the children using a variety of beakers, jugs, containers, materials, bandages and funnels to take out the larger pieces of dirt (including leaves and sticks).  It was great to see everyone working together and trying hard to filter the water, repeating each cleaning stage to get the water as clear as possible.  Everyone clearly displayed endurance as they worked for almost an hour to clean their water, we were very impressed with their commitment to complete the task.


All groups did a great job and provided a bottle of much clearer water.  Throughout this term we will continue to develop our Science work by investigating dissolving, filtering and evaporation.