Magna Visit


On Tuesday 1st May a group of Year 5 children spent the day at Magna Science Adventure Centre.  Throughout the day they explored the different pavilions of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.  In each area they were amazed by the variety of things to look at and explore.  Everyone had a great time seeing the fire tornado for the first time, exploring the wet area of the Water Pavilion, experiencing the forces of air and testing out the different forces in action in the Earth Pavilion.

An hour was spent taking part in the Rockets and Balloons Workshop.  During this time the children saw a range of different rockets being created and tested before creating their own mini-rockets.  A mixture of excited (and slightly nervous) laughter could be heard amongst popping rockets as everyone had a go at using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create a rocket.  The children were thoroughly engaged and amazed by the Science they experienced.

A fabulous day out which was enhanced by the great attitude and behaviour of the pupils.