This term we have started our Monday afternoon music lessons, some of the class are learning to play the cello whilst others are learning to play the violins.  At the start of every lesson we begin with music games to help us develop our timing and sense of rhythm; a favourite game of ours is ‘Don’t Clap This One Back’.  We are all quite good at this game and remember not to repeat the rhythm clapped.



So far we have been busy learning the strings and developing our plucking skills.  It is important to know the order of the strings so that it is easier to play musical pieces.  For our homework we created different acronyms to help us remember the order of the strings.  Some of our acronyms include ‘Albus Dumbledore Goes Crazy’ and ‘Great Danes Are Elephantine’.  


We have already worked as a class to perform a small piece of music.  Hopefully, we will all develop our confidence and musical skills over the term.