Bee Keeping


We have 2 bee hives in an apiary in our environmental area. This apiary is purposely built and is designed to allow the bee’s flight path to not come into contact with pupils whilst using the environmental area.

The children really enjoy visiting the apiary to observe the bees but they are taught some simple rules to keep them safe whilst doing so:

  • No pupils are allowed access to the apiary unless they are wearing appropriate clothing and are accompanied by trained members of staff.

  • The hives can be safely observed from the viewing shed (no more than 8 children and 1 adult at any time) 
  • No access is allowed if staff are carrying out hive management, so the teachers check with trained members of staff before planning their lesson. 
  • A first aid kit is kept in the shed at all times in case it is needed. Any children who have epi-pens or inhalers must always have them available.

At the end of last summer we harvested 80 jars of honey which were sold on to staff and their families. Some Yr 6 pupils helped to extract and spin the honey! Gardening Club members helped to fill the jars and we ran a competition to design a label for the jars. We also made lip balms and candles out of the wax.

Emma and Samuel won the label completion and received prizes of a bird feeder and a jar of honey.