Lincolnshire Life

On Wednesday 17th October, 1L went on a visit to the Lincolnshire Life Museum at Lincoln. We looked at a lot of things, and discussed how they were similar or different to what we have/use nowadays.

We thoroughly enjoyed looking at the old toys and compared them to our ones. We went into the school room and had a lesson of the 3 R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The School master was very strict. We wrote on blackboards with chalk, then had a go using a quill and ink. It was fun! We also had a look at the kitchen. The house keeper told us about the jobs she had to do. They were very hard and took a long time, especially as there was no electricity or gas to do things quickly.

After lunch we had a quick play in the playground, then had a look around the rest of the museum. There was old transport, a section about war and some old shops