1L have been thinking about caring for the environment.  For our Sparkling Start, we thought about different materials, investigating the different properties of them, and discussing why they are good for different products.  We looked at a range of objects and talked about what they were made from. 


We then looked at some instructions to make a Wormery.  We followed these instructions carefully.  We went outside to find some worms.  They were a bit tricky to find and we tried some tricks to get them to come to the surface.  First we stamped on the ground to make them think it was raining.  Unfortunately, only 1 was tricked by this.  Then we poured water on the ground to encourage them, again we only succeeded in convincing 1!  After that we searched under the leaves, which proved a little more fruitful.  Finally, we did a little bit of digging, but we think they had gone deeper down as they knew what we were doing – haha!!  We gathered together 7 worms in total.

We took them back to the classroom and studied them, comparing their sizes, colours, identifying the head and tail, and looking at the saddle.  The children loved this.  We then followed the instructions carefully to create the wormery using compost and sand.  We carefully placed the worms in and checked them daily.  It was great fun, and very interesting.