We have been spending lots of time in school learning about Remembrance Day and the importance of the poppy. Although it was very hard to imagine what it might have been like to be alive during the war we watched a video about a little rabbit (which you can find a link to here In the video we noticed that the colours changed to dark and dull and there were bright lights and sounds to represent the fighting.

We then created our own collage pictures to represent what might have happened in the war. We used dark colours to show the hard times that the soldiers had. We then attached a poppy to show that life could continue after the war because of the brave soldiers who fought for us.

Have a look at our collage pictures below.

On Monday, we then visited the Cenotaph to lay a wreath that we had made by printing in class. We looked at the different wreaths and poppy crosses that were there and read some of the messages.

We were lucky enough to meet a Veteran who was all dressed up in his smart uniform displaying his medals with pride. We clapped him to thank him for being brave.

Back at school we spent 2 minutes standing in silence to reflect and think about the people who fought in the war and who are still fighting now. Everyone was very respectful.