Glitter Bugs

We have been learning about the importance of hygiene and keeping clean. We learned that bacteria can be good and bad and bad bacteria can make us poorly. We talked about the different ways to stop germs spreading and came up with a list:

- washing hands

- cleaning teeth

- changing clothes regularly

- having a bath or shower everyday

We then did a science experiment to find out the best way to wash our hands. We put glitter on our hands to represent the germs and had great fun seeing how quickly and how far germs can spread. We then wiped them with a paper towel, washed them in cold water and washed them with warm water and soap.Warm water and soap was the best combination and we even learned a song too!

‘Wash your hands with soap and water, wash them well.

Wash the tops and bottoms, and the sides as well.

Wash your fingers, in between,

Wash until you’re nice and clean,

Wash your hands with soap and water, wash them well.’