Pumpkin Soup

Our topic this term is based on a story called Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. In the story 3 animals work together to make some tasty pumpkin soup, but it is not quite as straightforward as it sounds as a big argument breaks out. Luckily the animals make friends again with the help of a lovely warm bowl of pumpkin soup.

On Tuesday, we harvested our very own pumpkin ready to make some soup the next day. We went to the allotment in search of it. We learned that pumpkins grow on top of the ground and it took a lot of effort to cut it out.

Once the pumpkin had been washed and prepared it was time to make the soup. We had to use a peeler to peel the carrot, a knife to chop the pumpkin, leek and onion and some measuring spoons to get the right amount of cumin and coriander. We all had a turn at chopping, peeling, crushing stock cubes and measuring the right amount of the ingredients. It was lots of fun and the whole school smelled of pumpkin soup all day.

Finally, the tasting part came. Everyone was so excited to taste the pumpkin soup and I am very proud of everyone for having a taste. Most of us liked the soup and would have had seconds if there was enough, so attached is the recipe we followed to make the soup. If you can’t get hold of a pumpkin, a butternut squash will do.