Hard and Soft Materials

In Science we have been learning lots about materials. We have been focussing on hard materials and soft materials.

In order to help the owners of local factories in Halicaster we have been testing materials in different ways. We had some playdough and we had to investigate the ways in which we can change a material’s shape. We tried squashing, bending, twisting, flattening, stretching, pulling and cutting.  We then tested lots of different materials and investigated their properties. Here are our results.

We found out that it is much easier to change the shape of a soft material than a hard material.

Lots of children were surprised that playdough could be made at home and wanted to know how so they could continue to investigate different properties so please find attached Miss Fovargue’s handy recipe. (Remember to ask an adult when adding the boiling water!)

File icon: docx playdough recipe.docx [docx 13KB] Click to download