We Are Scientists!

In spring 1 year 2 learnt about plants. We learned:

* How plants need to grow.

* Parts of the plant.

* Plants we eat.

* The lifecycle of an apple tree.

* The lifecycle of a sunflower seed

We created an experiment to find out what plants actually need to germinate and what they need to grow. We set up four test conditions using spinach seeds:

Sunshine and water

Sunshine and no water

No light and water

No light and no water

We found out that plants don’t need sunlight to germinate, but they need sunlight to stay healthy. Plants definitely need water to be able to grow and be healthy.

We also been orally retold the life cycle of an apple tree from the text map we created (see below) and created actions as a class to rehearse this. The structure and conjunctions within this (which we have been learning in SPAG) helped us to write about the life cycle of sunflower seeds.

Special event in Spring 1:

We had a workshop to introduce us to the songs we will be singing in the singing festival in Spring 2.

We have taken a trip to the cinema to watch the feature length film The Lorax, where we learnt the importance of the line ‘unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not’. We know the importance of protecting our environment and our planet.

We have also had a special visit from Margaret Dellar to teach us about Judaism. It was an interesting visit and we learnt lots!