Litter Pick

This week the school councillors went to the park to see where they could support Park Care, a group of volunteers who look after the upkeep of the park, and did some cleaning of their own. This is after one of our own school councillors, Yaela Crane, spent time in the holidays cleaning up the park with her cousins, the school council wanted to support Yaela with her fantastic efforts. They headed to the small play area and began filling their bin bags using litter pickers and gloves. They were able to dispose of 2 full bin bags of debris, which included a full bottle of medicine and a household dinner knife.  Our school councillors will now work with the volunteers after half term to do some planting of their own, which will include plants that the school can watch grow and flourish over the next few years. If you feel you would like to get involved with the volunteers of Park Care, please contact Bill Phillipson via the Park Care Facebook page.