Who were the Anglo-Saxons?

On Children In Need Day we started our new topic ‘Who were the Anglo-Saxons?’. The whole of Year 4 took part in our Sparkling Start.

In 4Ls room children were introduced to some Anglo-Saxon artefacts and looked at the importance of archaeology in being able to tell us all about the past. We have to see if we could guess what the artefacts were and then see if we were correct. It showed us what types of things the Anglo-Saxons had/ wore.

In 4Hs room we looked at Anglo-Saxon writing which we focused on illuminated letter designs, we looked at the patters and the techniques used and then had a try at creating our own using our initials.

In 4Bs room we looked at Anglo-Saxon warriors and how they would fight battles, we particularly focused on shields and there uses. We then had a go at designing our own shields thinking about colour and their meanings before we created them using different art techniques that we have learnt.