Roman Museum Trip

4B explored the Hull and East Riding Museum to further enhance their learning on Romans.

First of all, we took part in a workshop called ‘Hands on Roman Evidence’. We explored different Roman finds and classified them just like archaeologists do.  We then undertook tesserae cleaning (parts of mosaic tiles) in which the children wore googles and aprons. During this session the children were able to dress up in a range of tunics and try on a Roman Helmet. This was very heavy and surprised many of the children. Finally, children had to work together to build a Roman arch.

Next, the children undertook another workshop ‘Shop ‘til You Drop: Roman Style.’ Children explored the Roman galleries within the Museum before comparing modern shopping practices compared with those in the Roman era.  Four of the class became shop keepers where they had to ‘sell’ their Roman items around the Roman forum gallery. The other children were given a bulla (Roman-style purse) containing some Roman coins. Then they set off to buy items from the stall holders. We then compared what each other had bought and how much money was left. To end this session Empress Ball came and took the remaining money for her taxes.

After this we had some time to explore the museum and look at other aspects of history. Children had an enjoyable day, learnt lots and were a credit to the school and themselves.