Exploring Space

As part of National Space week we spent part of a morning inside a planetarium.  Once inside, we explored our solar system as we viewed each planet (and some moons) from space.  We even landed on a few of the planets and moons!

It was great to see images of the different planets, moons and orbits in space.  We discovered lots of new and interesting facts about all the planets.

Once back in the classroom we considered the question ‘Who should own space?’ As a class we had lots of different ideas which we discussed at length before deciding on two possible answers: everyone owns space because everyone should own something, and no-one owns space as no-one made it.

After further debate we learnt about the Outer Space Treaty which declared ‘that the moon and other space objects belonged to all of humankind and that exploration must be peaceful’.

Later in the week we visited Mrs Vinson’s class to spend time sharing our developing knowledge of space as well as finding out about what they had done.  We then worked together to draw different pictures of space.

Everyone had a great time learning more about space this week.  Well done!