Girls Football Surprise Performance

On Thursday 20th September a new team of girls from Lisle Marsden played in their first tournament this year. For most it was their first tournament ever! They soon gained confidence after winning their first game 2-0.

They continued with the same form and the same final score in the next game. Next, they were faced with a more well matched team but managed to win 1-0. Could this continue? Yes! There fourth game was played and won with ease with a victory of 4-0. They were unstoppable! In their final game they faced the only other team that had also won every game. They played their hearts out and their socks off with the final score 0-0. Unfortunately, their good fortune came to an end as they calculated the goal difference. They had ten and we had nine. All the girls in the squad should be very proud of their determination, teamwork and perseverance. An excellent effort! They should be very proud. Well done!