Collective worship

Everyone plays an important part within our school community and no more so, than during these unprecedented times.  At Lisle Marsden we value everyone. 


Our Academy Vision states:

“Educating for life in all its fullness, committed to excellence and enjoyment through learning, within an enabling environment that nurtures the potential and talents of all; empowering our children with wisdom, knowledge and skills, grounded in the Christian belief that everyone is created in the image and love of God.”


At Lisle Marsden, we want to educate children to respect and value all life and their responsibility to fulfil God’s will. This desire has been strengthened by our school values that have been established, in our school, for many years. We encourage children to adopt the values and continually show values in action.  Even though we are currently unable to be together, our belief still remains, that we need to provide and support the whole of our Lisle Marsden family.


Our School values have been created over the years.  Our values are:  Wisdom, Friendship, Respect, Trust, Endurance and Forgiveness.

‘There are three things that last forever: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love’. Corinthians 13

Never more so, does this ring true.  These values underpin our beliefs and support our children to become great and follow their dreams.


At Lisle Marsden, part of our daily routine is to come together in an act of Collective Worship, whether it is whole school, separate key stages, or class based.  As a way to support you all during these times, we are going to post ideas that you are able to use, if you wish, in order to support you, your child, and whole family, and continue to develop the sense of belonging to the Lisle Marsden family.


Our Collective Worship begins with the lighting of candles (more information about this is further down), then has a theme to focus on, a story or powerpoint to discuss, explain and support the theme, a song and a prayer.


If your child wishes to light the candle and say the responses, they are as follows-

When the first candle is lit we say –

“Jesus is the light of the World.  Peace be with you, and also with you.”

We then light an additional 3 candles, saying  –

“We light three candles in the name of’:

‘God the father’ –  ‘Who trusts us with his creation’

‘God the son’ –  ‘Who is trustworthy’

‘God the Holy Spirit’ –  ‘Who helps us to trust during hard times’


Any prayer can be used, create your own, or allow your child to say one around the theme. We do have a school prayer which you can say if you wish.

The links posted on here have been shared by the Lincoln Diocese and have some lovely ideas for you to use.


We will continue to add to these over the coming days/weeks to continue to offer you support.


Stay safe.  We will get through this together and bring our Academy back to the amazing place it is.