Practical Maths

Here are a range of practical maths tasks and activities which can be easily created and adapted at home to suit the needs and abilities of all children.  Changing the numbers or adding an element of challenge can extend children’s knowledge and thinking.  Work together at home to prepare the things you need and then enjoy the maths.



  • Create a bar graph to show the different heights of the people in your house.
  • Complete a survey – call members of your family and ask them all the same question with a multiple choice answer (e.g. favourite animal, hobby, icecream flavor).  Use the responses to create a tally chart and the create your own graph or pictogram.
  • Carry out your own exercise experiment and record your heart rate on a graph. How does it compare for each exercise?  Ask someone else to do the exercises and plot their results in a different colour.


Other Maths ideas and activities

  • Musical Mathematics!! You can play lots of different number based songs using YouTube.  Songs support children to take on new information and learning. Happy singing!
  • Share books with a specific reference to numbers or counting, shape or pattern.
  • Get out your board games and play them, they are full of maths language and skills.



  • There are loads of different games that can be played at home on this site:


For example:

Play a game:

  • Step 1: The game starts with the two players facing each other. Each person selects a numbered card and sticks it on their forehead, so the other player can see. 
  • Step 2: The person leading the game gives a statement, such as what the sum of the two numbers is, the difference between the two or the product of the two etc….. 
  • Step 3: Each player has to work out what number is on their own card, based on what is written on the other person’s head and the rule given.