Bishop's Visitor
Revd. Jan Vasey

The Diocese of Lincoln operates a system of Bishop's Visitors. These are volunteers who provide another link between the Diocese and its Church Schools. Bishop's Visitors take an interest in the life of the school, provide pastoral support and act as an advocate for the school in the community; as such they are an important part of the support network for the family of Church Schools.

Our Bishop’s Visitor is Revd. Jan Vasey. Jan comes into the academy regularly to work with classes and support teachers in the daily life of the school. As such, the children are getting to know Jan as she is welcomed into the academy. Jan is part of the Great Grimsby Team Ministry, and is often seen at events which take place in Grimsby Minster, which cements the relationship between Church and School.

Bishop’s Visitors, as the title implies, visit on behalf of the Bishop, and maintain a link between the Bishop and the School.  Three times a year they bring a letter from the Bishop to the children, which is read out at an end-of-term service or assembly.  Bishop Christopher is always interested in what is happening in our Church Schools, and Bishop’s Visitors meet regularly to keep him informed.  Working in the second biggest Diocese in the country, Bishop Christopher is not able to visit schools very often, so relies on his Visitors to maintain the link.