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“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Matthew 18:20 

Here at Lisle Marsden Academy, we want our children to always feel part of something greater that reaches beyond the school community. We want to educate and inspire children, through character education and moral development, to become courageous advocates for social action in their own community and nationally. It is our hope that in living by our school values and vision, and that of the Church of England, that our children will see the value of all life and want to contribute to positive change as a representative of God.

As a school, we encourage children to ask questions and respond to the issues or causes that our children care and are passionate about. In recent years, we have supported many local charities including St Andrew’s Hospice which, over the years, has been personally very close to our hearts and supported a number of our families. Other causes the children have supported have included Brain Tumour Research (in loving memory of a much loved member of staff), Pancreatic Cancer UK, CARE (local food bank and community larder) and Crisis (a homeless charity). Furthermore, we have been involved in numerous national charity events such as: The Children’s society, Samaritans purse, Comic relief, children in need and sports relief. During these events, we explore the causes and issues that result in this charity work being a life line for people around the world. We encourage children to challenge perceptions and injustice and seek solutions.

We are very proud of our ECO council, that has been running for a decade, for gaining and retaining the Green Flag Award as we are very passionate, as the caretakers of creation, in looking after and valuing our world.

Furthermore, our school council takes an active role within the academy with a representative from each class. The issues that they have been tackling this year include: Road safety, litter in the community and improving pupil well-being in the school.

To further strengthen the children’s skills, we have introduced the Arch Bishop of York’s Young Leaders Award in Year two and Year four.

“The Young Leaders Award is a unique active citizenship programme which empowers young people to make a difference in their local community whilst growing in key leadership skills at the same time.” (

In addition, we are participating in the UK Parliament Week this year. We believe that our children should be involved in politics and democracy so that they can exercise their right to be heard whilst also encouraging them to listen to others.

As a school, we are dedicated to our community and our world. We are continually responding to pleas from local partners and, in the past, our global partners. Through training and development, we are making a commitment to equipping children with the skills and moral compass to challenge injustice, division, inequality, poverty and political and environmental crisis's; they can then ask the questions and consider what they can do to respond with love and hope which is deeply rooted in our school vision statement that everyone is created in the image of God and equal. We are fortunate to be working, in partnership, with the Rural Schools Network on the development of Character education and Courageous advocacy.

Lisle Marsden Primary Academy is part of the Church Schools network and we benefit from local partnerships with two other Primary Academy’s Bursar and Thrunscoe whom we work closely with to strengthen community links through events, training and moderation.

Grimsby Minster

We are very fortunate that we serve two parishes St. Augustines and St. James: this enables us to access support and both places of worship, throughout the year, for events such: Christingle, Christmas Carol concert, Easter show and church schools festivals. Furthermore, Canon Dodd, the Parish Priest at Grimsby Minster, is a foundation governor at our school which provides us with direct support in embedding our school vision.  We are also very lucky to have a Bishop’s visitor, The Revd Jan Vasey, who is part of the Minster clergy team who supports the school with visits and performances to the Minster and by clergy led acts of collective worship.

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