Festival of Sukkot

In Autumn 1, the children were given the opportunity to explore the festival of Sukkot as part of our world faith unit of Judaism. We learnt about how Sukkot links to Harvest time in the Jewish faith and how the people of the Jewish faith remember when Moses led the Israelites to freedom under the guidance of God.


We made Sukkah’s during our celebration, which required teamwork and endurance. Jews make Sukkah’s to feast, worship and celebrate in during Sukkot. A Sukkah has three sides and the roof is made from leaves. Jews trust that God will keep them safe from the outside world. We made lulavs out of paper. Real lulavs are made out of hadass (myrtle), aravah (willow), and etrog (citron). At the end of our afternoon, we danced to music sang in Hebrew and waved our lulavs. It was a wonderful afternoon!