Academy RE Themed Days

At the start of the spring term the whole academy spent time exploring the theme of journeys. The pupils all learned about different journeys people of faith take, looked at the concept of spiritual journeys and thought about their own journeys in life.

The pupils all engaged with the theme in a creative way with all year groups exploring the theme in a different way.


Reception pupils held their own pilgrimage around the outside grounds, where they explored the themes of being sorry, saying thank you, who we love and who we help. Year 1 pupils explored the journey of the three Kings who visited Jesus in Bethlehem and year 2 pupils explored how people feel when on a spiritual journey of discovery.

In Key Stage 2 the theme continued with Year 3 pupils focusing on the second day on the Holy site of the Western Wall, which is an important pilgrimage site for Christians, Jews and Muslims. They then created their own version which is on display in the KS2 reflection area. Year 4 pupils looked further into the Islamic Hajj and created wonderful artwork based around the Hajj journey. Year 5 pupils created class museums based on Hindu pilgrimages and year 6 pupils made iMovies based around their own journeys.

At the end of the two days each key stage came together for collective worship during which the work of each year group was celebrated with their friends from around the academy.

We all enjoyed a wonderful couple of days, exploring ideas, being creative and asking those BIG questions. We look forward to holding more RE themed days in the future.