Year 6 Holi Run

At Lisle Marsden, our children learn about the world faiths of Islam, Judaism and Hinduism alongside Christianity.

Learning about world faiths helps the children to understand and appreciate the similarities and differences between groups of people across our wonderful planet, in different countries, continents and within our own local community.

Our Year 6 children have learnt much about Hinduism. Part of this study has been an investigation of different Hindu festivals, including the festival Holi.

There’s nothing better than learning from first-hand experience, so the Y6 teachers set up a Holi Colour run on the 9th of March (the day of the actual festival) to give the children the opportunity to experience the joy Hindus around the world gain from participation in the festival. The children discovered that two of the key values of Lisle Marsden – Love and Friendship feature heavily in the festival.

Parents were invited to join the children in the run, which took place on the school field. An obstacle course, hurdles, zig zag cones and a stamina run all featured as part of the course. The run was designed to promote health and physical wellbeing as well as to be fun and value friendship. As the children and parents passed by, staff threw a rainbow of coloured powder over the children as they completed each lap. The children and parents had a great time and raised funds for our 'Race against Hunger' project.

For more information about the Festival, please see the 'Religious Festivals' section of the website.