Faith in Action

On 16th January Imran Kotwyal visited our school to help teach the year 3 and 4 children as part of their RE work on Islam. As part of his visit he led collective worship for years 1-6 and talked to the children about the 5 pillars of Islam, which are the 5 fundamental beliefs of the Islamic faith. Imran’s assembly was engaging and interactive and the children from years 3 and 4 left the hall feeling excited for their workshops.

For the rest of the day Imran worked with year 4, looking at family celebrations in Islam, and how we can compare them to similar traditions we have in the Christian faith. In year 3 he taught children how to read Arabic letters and some of the 99 names Muslims have for God.

After the children left for the day it was the staff’s turn, as Imran led staff training on Islam, the 5 pillars and 6 articles of faith as well as educating us on how to dispel many of the myths we may read about Islam in the press.

Imran was an asset to our school for the day, he was able to engage the pupils in understanding his faith, and that of members of our own school more, and left staff wishing that meetings after school went on for longer!

We look forward to welcoming to our school again in the future.