The Lisle Singers
Christmas at the Minster


On Thursday 13th December the Lisle Marsden Singing Group performed at the Grimsby Minster at a Christmas concert organised by the Lincolnshire Co-op. Also there was the Fossdyke band who played a number of traditional pieces and a compilation of well known songs which the congregation and children joined in with at the end.


The children performed 5 of their favourite Christmas songs:

  • Christmas has started
  • Unto Us a Child is Born
  • Christmas Calypso
  • Child in a Manger Born
  • Because it’s Christmas 

25 of the singing group were able to attend and they delighted the audience with their singing. The children, whilst nervous at first, really showed everyone how good they are becoming and how much they are enjoying being part of the group.

Well done to everyone, we are so proud of you!