We have now set up ClassDojo for all children in Reception, Y1 and Y2 so that the communication lines are open between parents and school.

To set up ClassDojo and download the app please see instructions below.

An invitational code will be sent by text.


New to ClassDojo?
1. Download the ClassDojo app
2. Open app and tap 'Parent' to create a parent account
3. Enter name, email & create a password
4. Tap ‘Add child (+)’ and use the code sent by text message

Already have a Parent Account on ClassDojo?
1. Open the ClassDojo app on your phone
2. Log in as a Parent (if you aren’t already). Ensure you’re logged in as a Parent, not a Student or Teacher!
3. Tap the Kids section/avatars at the bottom of the screen
4. Add child using the code sent by text