Friends of Lisle Marsden

Fund Raising

The Friends of Lisle Marsden raise funds for various resources and projects associated with teaching and learning within our academy. Previous projects have resulted in the provision of portable staging, an outdoor adventure playground and frames for the academy art gallery.

Taiko Drums

We now have a full set of Taiko drums in school which were purchased using funds kindly donated by the ‘Friends of Lisle Marsden’. The children have enjoyed learning how to play them along with their teachers.

Taiko is an ancient Japanese form of percussion using large drums and involves a lot of choreographed movement which many identify with Japanese martial arts. Taiko playing is loud, hard, and fast which can be very tiring but also great fun!

Bee Keeping

We have two colonies of Honey Bees at Lisle Marsden which live in hives in our environmental area. Five members of staff have been trained in all aspects of bee keeping, from bee anatomy to the production of honey.

The bees are an excellent educational resource in teaching the children the importance of bees to our eco system and hopefully we may find some budding bee keepers along the way.

A very big thank you goes to the Friends of Lisle Marsden who donated the funds to buy the hives, clothing, equipment and the all important bees.

Clothes Recycling Bank

We now have a Clothes Recycling Bank in in our car park. Your unwanted clothes, bags and shoes can all be dropped off here to raise much needed funds for our school and also to promote good recycling habits amongst our pupils.