Summer 2018

The SEN room has been a very busy place lately…

As well as our usual reading schemes and spelling, punctuation and grammar, we have an exciting new addition to our ipad apps called Nessy. This is  a great phonics  scheme  which is really fun for the children to use.  It’s  proving VERY popular  with our KS1 children!

We also had lots of little Easter visitors (our little pom pom creatures)... some of us got the chance to have a go at making these... although it is questionable who enjoyed it more… Mrs Wheatley and Mrs Hilton seemed to get a little overexcited.

In the SEN room we recognise the importance of celebrating all achievements, big and small… our ‘Fabulous’ wall shows work that ranges from super neat writing to  beautifully drawn pictures, and from carefully written calendars to showing off superb scissor skills for those who have found this super tricky in the past and are now perfecting this particular skill! We’ve all had things that have been more of a challenge than others and it’s a big deal when we make some progress!

Every one of us, big and small, have worries. Sometimes a chat with our friends can be enough to keep our worries at bay and at other times we might need a little extra help. Of course, all class teachers are there for all of our children, to listen to their worries and concerns but we are always available too whether it’s just listening one on one or maybe in a group session with other children and working through their problems in various ways. We have a Worry Plaque in the SEN room and have found it helps our children a lot. We understand that being happy in our own skin helps us to feel ready to learn!