Design Technology

Design Technology is an essential part of the Lisle Marsden Academy curriculum.  By the process of designing, planning, building and evaluating, Design Technology provides the opportunity for pupils to develop problem solving and creative thinking. 

Through D.T we hope to encourage:






Open mindedness



Respect towards materials, tools, the environment and the views of others.

 Through a process of designing, creating and evaluating, pupils develop their skills as they progress through the school. Pupils engage in purposeful, practical tasks which stimulate their enthusiasm and that are often linked to another part of the curriculum which is being studied at that time. The aim is to produce a well presented end product, which is fit for purpose.

 As part of the designing process children discuss and examine similar products to the one being made in order to give a starting point for their designs, they look carefully at how products are made and think about the properties and qualities of the materials used and how they are put together.

 Pupils are encouraged to think about the needs of the user and use drawings and writing in order to develop their ideas. As children progress, their designs should contain more realistic suggestions and designs may be developed and adapted, or more than one idea explored , before final decisions are made.

 When working with food we aim for children to develop their understanding of the smell, taste and texture of a variety of foods and to develop an understanding of a balanced, healthy diet. Pupils build up food preparation skills, so that they can work hygienically and safely combining a range of ingredients, including savoury items, using appropriate tools and equipment. They will learn to read and follow a simple recipe.

 Children will develop their understanding of textiles and how to incorporate and use textiles in their work. They will explore the qualities of different fabrics and improve their ability to join fabrics together by methods such as sewing, gluing and taping. They will learn how to decorate fabrics whilst making quality products.

 Pupils will learn to use a variety of tools safely and with increased accuracy and independence whilst working with materials such as wood, card, paper and plastic. As they progress through school, they will learn how to cut and join materials together, creating frameworks and moving parts, such as levers, wheels and cams. 

 An important aspect of Design and Technology is evaluation. Children are encouraged to consider their work during and after the making process so that they learn how to adapt and improve their efforts during the creative process, as well as looking at the end product and assessing what works well and what could be done differently next time.