At Lisle Marsden we follow a mastery approach to teaching Maths throughout the whole academy.  In Key Stages One and Two we use the Maths — No Problem! Primary Series which has been created using the principles of Singapore Mathematics and is fully aligned to the 2014 English National Curriculum. (Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning). The Programme provides all the elements that children require to explore mastery maths at age-related expectations.  It is based upon: strong pedagogy of conceptual understanding through the CPA approach (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract), principles of collaborative learning, exploration and good teaching/assessment principles. 

Through whole class teaching, all children can achieve age-related expectations and deepen their knowledge and understanding of mathematics.  Children with identified learning needs will learn alongside their peers at an age-appropriate level; opportunities to master skills will be specific to the needs of these children. Here at Lisle Marsden Academy, we don’t agree with putting a ceiling on children’s learning or thinking.

The Maths – No Problem approach is a progressive sequence of learning through the lessons; children are actively learning and exploring maths throughout every session to foster greater depth.  There is an increased emphasis on collaborative work to encourage mathematical vocabulary and thinking, giving children the opportunity to learn from each other and develop explanation to deepen higher-level understanding.|

Each sequence of learning follows a learning journey which is then adapted and tailored to the needs of each class:

  • Review of prior learning
  • Arithmetic focus/Quick Maths
  • In Focus – hooks the children into the lesson, time to explore using apparatus and models.
  • Let’s Learn – embed understanding both with guidance and independently.
  • Guided Practice – opportunities for paired/independent work moving to the pictorial and abstract approach.
  • Independent work – time to demonstrate their understanding.
  • Consolidation/Mastery tasks – learning opportunities broadened with problem solving and reasoning.

Each year group’s learning is broken down into chapters which are then further broken down into lessons; the length of each chapter varies dependent on the coverage as identified in the National Curriculum. 

  • Year 1 - 20 Chapters
  • Year 2 – 15 Chapters
  • Year 3 – 14 Chapters
  • Year 4 – 14 Chapters
  • Year 5 – 14 Chapters
  • Year 6 – 15 Chapters

Although Maths-No Problem is not aimed at Foundation Stage, the principles behind it are embedded in our Foundation Stage teaching and learning. Through teaching the children, in the Early Years, it is our aim to lay the foundations so that they are fully prepared to access this approach in Year One.

The Foundation Stage, uses Development Matters to plan and assess our pupils. Assessment for learning is embedded practice throughout each session and we record the children’s achievements on our online assessment tool Tapestry.

We incorporate principles of Maths - No Problem by early exploration of equipment that is used throughout the school. We believe in child initiated play with adult directed learning opportunities in small groups or one to one. It is our aim to cater for all learning types and ensure that early conceptual variation is explored which will lead to greater efficiency in concrete, pictorial and abstract thinking, models and procedures. It is our belief that all children have the potential to meet a mastery level in the Early Learning Goals in Number and Shape, Space and Measure.

Should any parent wish to know more specific details about the Maths Curriculum for the Year Group relating to their child they should contact their child's class teacher.


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