Cenotaph Visit

On Tuesday 12th November 1H went on their annual visit to the cenotaph at Nun's Corner. The children walked very sensibly to the cenotaph and showed passers by what an amazing and respectful group of children they are. When we arrived at the cenotaph it was very busy. Not only were the other two Year One classes there but also 2D, 2K and 2L! Our class arrived there last and were extremely sensible and thoughtful whilst waiting for our turn. We looked at all the wreaths that had been left and read some of the messages on them. We then placed our Class 1H 'wreath' onto the cenotaph before continuing to look at all the lovely messages that people had left. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents and grandparents that supported us on this walk. Your help was really appreciated and the children loved having you there.  We hope that you join us on our next adventure!