Lincolnshire Life

On Wednesday 9th October 1H went on their first trip to The Lincolnshire Life Museum. We had a brilliant time! We have been learning about the past and what types of toys children would have played with a long time ago. When we got to The Lincolnshire Life Museum we were met by a very strict school teacher...she even had a cain! We had a chance to look at some very old toys-some of them we were not even allowed to touch because they were so old and delicate. Then we were taken up to the school room...we weren't allowed in until we had paid! The teacher was very scary and showed us the types of punishments children were given if they misbehaved during lesson time. We all agreed that life at school is much better now than it was in the Victorian times! We were then given a tour of the kitchens and we learnt that in the Victorian times there was no electricity so we had to wash and dry everything by hand! 

1H had a blast learning about the past!