Vision Afternoon

This year at  Lisle Marsden we have set ourselves a huge challenge- to walk, run or jog 284,500 miles in order to make a difference to those children that are living in poverty. This afternoon 1H explored the themes that have been raised so far by our courageous advocacy project. We discussed that there are currently 569,000,000 children living in poverty on less than £1 per day and that for some of them their only meal might be the free meal that they are given at school. We discussed how these themes link to harvest- when we give food to others. We then looked at the importance of food banks and where we might find them in our local area. The children were very shocked to hear that there are lots of children going without food. They decided to reflect on what they had learnt by drawing/painting/collaging a piece of food that they wish they could give to a child that has nothing to eat. We then went outside to complete our daily mile in order to get our class steps up. This is something that we have pledged to do every day... even in the rain.